Here at Argyll Animal Aid we are dedicated to helping animals across the county.

Take a look at our services to see if we can help.


There are many circumstances and reasons why an animal will be given up. At Argyll Animal Aid we will give shelter to cats and dogs and help in finding them forever homes.


We will aid the rehoming process of pets and strays by carrying out home checks to make sure that there is a minimum of stress for the animal and that it will go to the right, loving and permanent new home


We can help owners who may be hospitalised by taking their pets into short term care if there is no one else to look after them. This service is only available when we have space in our cattery and kennels

Feral Cats and Kitten Aid

When we are asked, we will help to trap and neuter feral cats, who will then be returned to their site. We don’t take them in and rehome them. Feral Kittens – Pregnant feral females are taken in and kept at the cattery until the kittens have been born and weened. The adult is neutered and returned to site. We will then find homes for the kittens.

Important Notice Regarding Feral Kittens!

In order to successfully home feral kittens, they must be trapped from about the age of 3 to 4 weeks old. It takes a lot of work to bring them round to become successful pets. If they are older, then the chance diminishes, and we do not have the resources to commit the time needed. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY IF YOU KNOW OF KITTENS HAVING BEEN BORN. If you wait – it may be too late

Neutering Service

This is important to Argyll Animal Aid and we encourage the neutering of pets. When funds permit, we will assist in the neutering costs of pets for those having difficulties. We have an application process for this. To apply, click the button below, fill out the form and email it to

Vet Fee Assistance

When funds allow, we will endeavour to help those struggling to pay veterinary fees. An application process is available for this. To apply, click the button below, fill out the form and email it to