Barochreal Gardens will open this weekend for the Big Bee Challenge

Barochreal, a beautiful bee-friendly garden situated 9 miles from Oban, is taking part in this year’s Big Bee Challenge Weekend.

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme has teamed up with BBC Radio 2 for challenge and they are encouraging everyone to get involved and do just ONE thing in their garden, window box, or outdoor space that will entice pollinating insects.

From planting bee-friendly herbs, flowers or shrubs to providing water for the bees, going on your own bee safari, or leaving the lawn unmown, there will be something for everyone to try.

Barochreal is taking part by opening its gates from 11am to 5pm on July 31 and August 1.

The garden’s owners said: “We build the garden and plant purely with bees and nature in mind. We have national hives, Polish hives which are insulated and Warre hive.

“Apart from bees, there are plenty of red squirrels, forty species of moths and a wide range of birds. Rare butterflies were found by the waterfall. Biodiversity haven!”

Barochreal has been supporting Argyll Animal Aid for the past 8 years.

Event information

When: 11am to 5pm on July 31 & August 1

Where: Kilninver, Oban, Argyll PA34 4UT

Admission: £5.00, children free (60% of proceeds goes towards Argyll Animal Aid)

Directions: As stated on the Scotland’s Garden Scheme website, Barochreal Gardens is fifteen minutes south of Oban. Please disregard SatNav. On the main A816 Oban to Lochgilphead road just to the south of the village of Kilninver on the left-hand side of the road. Bus Oban – Lochgilpead stops at Kilninver School, short walk after.