Argyll Animal Aid

Statement from the Committee January 2020

Argyll Animal Aid Registered Charity  : #SCO13211
Dear Argyll Animal Aid Family,
Argyll Animal Aid would like to sincerely thank you for your ongoing support, and wish you a happy 2020! Last year was a busy year for us, and one that was full of change. One of the changes that is happening at Argyll Animal Aid will have an effect on our volunteers and fundraisers, and in the interest of keeping you informed, we would like to share this with you.
Argyll Animal Aid is going to be moving from our current home at Lochandubh Kennels to a new location. We have been at Lochandubh for a very long time and it has been invaluable to the charity; it would be impossible to put into words all the hard work and sacrifices that Fiona and Paul Woodhouse have contributed over the years on our behalf. This decision to part ways has come at a time when the charity is at a critical growth point, and to best serve the needs of the animals of the community, the committee felt that a new, expanded location would not only better accommodate these changes, but allow the Woodhouses to focus on their own business at Lochandubh Kennels and Cattery. While the final details of our new location are still being attended to, we are optimistic that this move will provide more accessibility to staff, volunteers, community members, and of course the animals of greater Argyll. However, this does mean that while we are in the process of moving, we will not be taking in any new animals, instead focusing our efforts on helping to re-home animals through fundraising and online support in the interim.
We anticipate that many of you may have questions about this move, and about the future direction of the charity. To that end, we will be holding an Argyll Animal Aid Open Day in the very near future, once we have our plans solidified. This will be an informal event in which committee members will be present to answer your questions, share stories, and get to know one another over coffee and cakes. At this event we will also be actively recruiting (as always) for new volunteers and committee members, and application packs will be available!
We will make sure everyone is informed when this event is to take place via Facebook and our web page, and we will likely run a notice in the local paper as well. Again, we’d like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of the charity as we enter into this new chapter. We will be keeping you informed of the process as we go, so please check the Argyll Animal Aid Facebook page and website or updates.
Nichola MacGillivary, Chair
Kristin Buchholz-MacKillop, Treasurer
Carol Evans, Committee Member
Stan Evans, Committee Member
Anna Mae Woodhouse, Committee Member