Argyll Animal Aid

Rehoming Register


Not only do we take in dogs and cats to rehome but we hold a register for animals that are looking for a new home for all sorts of reasons.

These animals stay with their owners and we advertise on facebook and our web page for new homes and then put the potential new owner in touch with the existing owner.

This works well for the animals as they don’t have to have a stint in kennels/cattery before finding their new home.

Also very often it’s a reluctant rehome and the owner is able to make the decision of who their beloved pet goes to which is very reassuring for them. Importantly too it means we can help with many more animals for rehoming.

So please get in touch if you are looking for a new pet, or if circumstance means you need to find a new home for yours. We are happy to listen and help where we can.

And remember – we cover the whole of Argyll and the Isles .. not just the Oban area.