Argyll Animal Aid

Porsha – Longhaired Jack Russell girl staying home.

Porsha JRsofaPorsha’s owner has had a change of circumstance and is going to keep Porsha, thank you for all the interest shown and offers of a home for this wee dog.  Lets hope it works out for Porsha.

Porsha is a wee dog we have been asked to rehome on our register.

She is a spayed, long haired Jack Russell about two year old and being fostered by a lady with a multi-pet household and Porsha would like to go to a home of her own.

She is house trained and very well behaved and loving and has had a bad start in life before being fostered.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Porsha should phone Jean on 01631 566406 (  who will take their details and pass it on to Porsha’s fosterer.

It will then be up to her if she gets in touch and takes it further.