Argyll Animal Aid

Mo and Jan – a telling tail..


We were asked to rehome two collies because they had failed as working dogs on the farm.
(update April 2014 : Mo is now happily settled with her new family; Jan continues to blossom and is now really thriving.

They are 18 months old and sisters and on arrival it was obvious that these dogs were in need of special attention due to the fact that they had obviously never been socialised and were in a terrified state.



Can there be a more joyful sight than puppies playing and running free?

Just look at the change in their faces, waggy tails, and delight in life.. WHAT a Difference Fiona has brought to these two girls.. and Collie Auntie Skye is doing a wonderful job in showing them how to be happy dogs and build a new life.

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Mo and Jan, rescue collies, improving with patient training

mid March .. and Mo and Jan are making new friends.. better and better each day.

We have a long way to go with these dogs but hope you will follow their progress and watch for the next update….
We really do appreciate every penny you donate . . there are always more animals needing this care.

Jan Mo head