Argyll Animal Aid

Kiya – Half Collie x Half Husky – rehomed

Kyia cross collie GSD June 2014Kiya is looking for a new home as her owners feel she is lonely during the day when they are out at work

They want her to go to someone who is in the majority of the day with her or who gets their dog sat when they are at work.
Kiya is a beautiful dog with a fabulous nature and very clever. She can open doors, cages and other things. She is great with all ages of children but will chase a cat given half the chance. She has never had the chance but she would chase sheep as she thinks anything that moves is fair game.

She is 16 months old, is up to date with all her jags and has been speyed.
She loves walks but will take as much or as little is given, but she likes nothing better than just knowing that you are there with her so that she can almost lie on top of you. It is with great reluctance that she is re homed, it is very much for her sake.

Please contact Jean on 01631 566406  if you feel that you can give one of our cats a forever home.