Argyll Animal Aid

Fundraising and Support

If you can help in any way please email us

Huge thank you to all our fundraisers.

Christmas Fayre in Corran Halls Oban every November as part of the Winter Festival.

We realise that not every­one likes to stand behind a stall sell­ing stuff (though you’d be very wel­come if you do!).

So here are some other ways we need help if you can:  please contact us to volunteer

  • Walk dogs
  • Talk to the cats – some are so shy that if you can bring a book to read while you just sit with them, they can get used to people being with them. It is wonderfully rewarding to watch their curiosity develop and their trust blossom. Others just want to learn to play.
  • Organise a fund-raising event in your community, animals are helped right across Argyll.
  • Join our bak­ers’ reg­is­ter : We need home bak­ing for our events – especially for our Christ­mas Fayre.
  • Help us put posters out for our events.
  • Col­lect  bric-a-brac and books for our sales.
  • Col­lect soft toys and bot­tles for out Tombola stalls.
  • Donate money!