Argyll Animal Aid

REHOMED: Ben, 12 year old Collie.

We have been asked to rehome a 12 year old collie called Ben. He will remain in his home until a new one is found for him. This is what has been written about him by his owner.

“He’s a gentle soul and a typical old boy. Unfortunately he came from a home where he was not cared for very well at all and as a result has food issues. He steals food a lot. Anywhere he can get it he will, from bins,worktops, grills , plates and even out of your hand. When we got him a year ago he was not in great shape at 34kilos and a tooth rotten down to the jaw but now he’s had the tooth removed and is down to 27kilos. The vet recently said he’s showing signs of arthritis and muscle degeneration . He has never shown any sign of aggression and has an amazing bond with my children (3 and 1).
He is a amazing dog but our circumstances have changed greatly and we find ourselves without the time to provide him with the love and care he deserves.
We would like to keep him here with us until a suitable Home can be found and we suggest he goes to someone with older children or none. Just because of the stealing food thing.”